Monday, April 7, 2014

So much to say....yet.....

Well it has been awhile. Been terribly busy. Have a whole lot to talk about yet I have nothing to say right now. We did sign papers on our new place. We get to move in after June first. Yeah! I am sure we will have plenty of time to paint the new place before moving since no one has yet to put an offer on our place yet.

I think we have under priced our place. In looking at comparable property there is a lot of acreage and not much of a house or a very nice house an no acreage. Our place has it all! All set up for humans and critters. Someone will come along I am sure, and they will fall in love with our set up here. The only work that needs doing is mowing the lawn once a week. That of course is a chore in itself!

I will post more as it gets closer. Am excited, yet hesitant. Lots of work to be done on the new place for sure, but it will keep us busy for the next ten years or so! Haha.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

MOVING! What were we thinking?

Things are progressing at a snails pace!
I have been PURGING my house BIG TIME!~
If I have not seen it, touched it, looked at it, forgot about it, never used it,

On February 22nd I am having the grand-daddy of all yard sales!
I am sure there is going to be:
at this yard sale!

Everything from the kitchen to my craft room will be for sale!

There are some things I can not ever part with of course.
Like, Material! Thread! Quilting things.
I have dabbled in so many crafts thru the years, I have it all!
But recently I have started to quilt.
That alone covers most of the crafts I enjoy!
So everything else is pretty much going.


DO MULTIPLE THINGS and it is never perfect!

In going thru everything! 
There are a lot of memories too.
My kids' baby books and albums,
Which will be handed off this year.

My moms things. Most I have parted with but some I can not.
She wore scarves all the time.
I found a box in which I had stored her scarves.
After 14 years, it still smells like her.
Ummmm! Memories!

Then I went thru her photo boxes I have stored.
I eventually will scan all the pictures and part with the original photos.
But that will be for a time after we have moved.

Right now, I am scanning doll patterns, that someday I might make again.
I don't want to keep the original patterns, because they take up so much room.
(We are moving to a smaller home.)

So I have been a scanning fool this past week. 

You can scan anything,
have it for-ever and live clutter free!

Scanners and Digital Camera's are the best invention in my life time!

So we are still looking for a buyer!

And things are moving at a snails pace!

Since all this began, 
I work very hard in my dreams!

Yes I wake up very tired in the mornings!
(IF I have even slept at all)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

FOR SALE.......

Our house is listed for sale:

This is a turn key home! we have already done all the work!
Our house is off to the right.

All underground sprinklers gravity fed from the canal
keeps the lawn very green.
 Circular driveway that goes around the shop. We call it
the "scenic" drive.
 Lots of space to park vehicles.
 1/2 acre yard all fenced off.
 Since this photo there has been a fence added from the edge of the
house to the fence line on both ends of the house.

 Nice covered patio in which to sit out side and enjoy
all types of weather.
 There is two loafing sheds for your critters.
The second one is placed to the left of the above photo.
Part of the circular drive. This row of trees keeps the shop
very comfortable in the summer time.
 Very LARGE kitchen with a pantry. Counter space galore! 
So many cupboards you won't fill them all!
 Living room that faces the river. The door here goes into the master bedroom.
 Window with the river view from the living room.
This is the front room in which we do spend most of our time.
Buddy says: "Who would not want this lovely space? I have an acre and a half that grows such
rich grass, that "mom" has to limit our feeding time on it!"

Plants grow so well in the soil here. 
Rose bushes.
Some bulbs that come up in the spring.
Not to much to take care of but enough to make it pretty in the spring and summer.

There is a 50 gallon hot water heater because you need a big one to use the garden tub in the master bathroom!

Second bathroom 

Water is run out to the pasture to water your critters.
Power is also ran to the pasture for water heater or whatever you want to plug in.

Our home is an energy efficient home and power bills run from $60.00 in the summer to about $98.00 dollars in the winter.

Shop is a 24' X 36'.
Electric door opener.
Tinker room with a Game Room to hang your hunters treasures.
Two work Benches.

The house has energy efficient windows and lots of them.
On nice spring/summer days, you can open windows and get a nice cross breeze.
Blinds on all windows.
Doggy door in Utility door for your four legged friends.
Room for an upright freezer in the laundry room.

Master bedroom is very large. A Kind sized bed will fit as well as several dressers.
Living room has a beautiful view of the Columbia River.
Reverse Osmosis system for drinking water. The well does have nitrates that are border line high.
A water softener because the water here is hard.
Water is very good and no sulfur smell at all.

Neighbors are very nice.
One has chickens that come and eat the bugs out of the yard.
Another has cows that are quite entertaining.
And each spring you get to watch little ones enter the world. The babies are just adorable.

The pasture is cross fenced so you can graze your animals smartly.
Electric fence around parameter of pasture.

The property is on a Farm Deferral making taxes a little less.

Just across the road are awesome horse riding trails along the beautiful Columbia River.
No need to haul your horse to go ride.

Nice big pump house to store lawn and garden items.
Container next to shop to store bigger things.
Container near the pasture for a tack/feed room. Windows have been built into it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How can humans be so cruel?!

I follow a blog:
About a young couple traveling the world and reporting on their travels. 
Gives me a chance to see more than just my corner of the world. 

Today's post was titled:

A little known fact and place of which happened in MY TIME!
So I did a Google search on:

This all happened 30 years ago,
yet it only seems like yesterday!

I was 30 years younger and the news was not a part of my life at the time.
I was to involved in relationships and family beginnings.

I cry when I read Hecktic Travels post because so many people
lost their chance at even a life. 

I don't know if I could of changed the world then.
As a kid, you think you are invincible and CAN DO ANYTHING!

If this could of happened in MY LIFETIME,
What will happen in my children's lifetime?
Or even Grandchildren?

With the way events are happening, 
and the SECRET AGENDA our current leader has,
(I know he has a secret agenda! It just hasn't been made public!)
Who knows what is going to happen next!

Can we all say:
Really it is not that far fetched!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yes...There IS a Second Tuesday of Next Week.....

I have been entertaining the idea of repainting my WHOLE HOUSE!
Just on the inside.
(Still entertaining the idea)

I thought I would start slow and small.
A few years back, I painted my laundry room.
Then I started on the master bath.

My biggest problem is deciding on the color.
If I knew what color, then I would of had my house painted a long time ago.

I am tired of the white, so I am going with COLOR!

Yes! I painted 90 percent of the bathroom with this 1' brush!
I figured I would be done, the second Tuesday of next week!

I can not find any before photos, but that is ok, cause it was just boring white.

Well there really is a SECOND TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK!
Because TADA...
I am done!
This is our master bath.
Don't you just love those curtains? 

I even got our secondary Bathroom finished!
I think I like it better,
For Obvious Reason! 

Now to tackle the rest of the house!
What do choose?
What to choose?